GuanXi Honey pomelo is the name of "First Pomelo in China". Another name for pomelo is the "Reunion Fruit"

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Pinghe China GuanXi Honey Pomelo Festival
The renowned economist Yu Guangyuan gave Honey pomelo the name of "First Pomelo in China". Another name for pomelo is the "Reunion Fruit",



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chinese pomelo
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 Chinese fruit honey pomelo
 Supply season :Sep.~Feb. 20 Weeks

Fruit So far Guanxi pomelo farms in Pinghe has a total plantation area of 300,000 hectares, with a pomelo output of 460,000 tons and an output value of 800 million yuan. In addition, the export volume has reached 50,000 tons.
GuanXi Honey pomelo
Welcome to the Honey Pomelo website, GuanXi Honey Pomelo is a kind of Pummelo which are produced in Pinghe county, Zhangzhou city, Fujian province, the southeast of China. Pinghe county is famous for its delicious GuanXi honey pomelo, which has been planted for more than 500 years and was used to be a tribute for royal.

Honey pomelo is growing in the mountain area nearby the river. The fruit is full of juice, sweet, and light fragrant taste.

Colors: Light green, yellow
Harvest: Mid of Sep till the Mid of Oct Every year.
Origin: Fujian Province.
Own Orchards: 5000 ha.
Supply Quantity: 500 thousand tons.
Supply Season: Sep.-Feb. 20 weeks.
Markets: UK,US,Southeast Asia, Korea£¨Japan,Europe, Saudi Arab, Dubai, etc.

Nutritional Information
Excellent source of vitamin C and fiber and good source of folate.

Best Season

What To Look For
The largest citrus fruit, they can be round or pear shaped. Choose ones that are firm, thin-skinned and feel heavy for their size.

Easy Storage and Preparation
They will keep at room temperature for several weeks or a month or more if refrigerated.

Best Uses
Use for juice or add sections to fruit or green salads or fruit salsas. Good with fish.
Honey Pomelo not only rich in vitamin C, carotene, lower heat, but also have Adjuvant treatment for diabetes, hypertension, asthma and other diseases,which was very popular in markets and our consumers love it deeply.

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The word for pomelo in Chinese is homophonous with that for "blessing," and thus the fruit is considered auspicious. Since pomelo season coincides with Mid-Autumn Festival, this sweet fruit has naturally become a part of the festivities. This prized fruit, resembling a giant grapefruit is distinguished by its pointed top, round bottom, thin skin and honey-sweet taste. Coincidentally, it is also the largest of all citrus fruits. In the olden days, after adults have peeled out the edible fruit, children used to stick candles in the middle of the skin (peeled to resemble an open flower). Mischievous ones may even use them as a hat over the head!

Those pomelos sold in Singapore are usually from China and the best and juiciest ones are from Fujian.     Home Page | Product  | News | Packaging | Gallery | AboutUs | Contact | GuestBook | FAQ | SiteMap


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